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There will be one final update to see out XP, when I cannot say for sure but there will definatly be another update.

I have recently upgraded to W7 and found it to be full of silly yet seriously restrictive usability regressions. I will most definitely miss XP, microsoft seem to have forgoten it's the little things that make all the difference.

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Tutorial for updating my nLite Slipstreaming for 32/64 bit?

I am making a 32bit and 64bit nLite Install disc. For the 32bit version I included the xable update pack.But the 32bit needs additional updates that have been released since the update pack was made.And the 64bit version doesn't have any update packs that I know of.

What Ive done is run windows update from here http:update.microsoft.com/windowsupdate/v6/default.aspx?ln=en-us

then I find the files here catalog.update.microsoft.com/

I download the individual executables and save them to my hard drive.But there are hundreds of them.And you have to navigate to each folder with nLite to install them.I dont want to sit and do that for hours.I tried to copy all the individual executables from each folder into one big folder to "select all" and copy and paste them all at once.But some of the updates are named the same as each other so you cant copy and paste without renaming them.

I also read you have to add the updates in sequential order to nLite based on when they were released.

Does anyone know how I can roll all the updates up into my nLite disc?I opened xables update pack and olly saw Dll's.So is there away to extract all the Dlls from the executables?

Anybody have any Idea how I can do this?I tried to post in the update section but there is no way to start a new topic


18-04-13 10:07


Re: Tutorial for updating my nLite Slipstreaming for 32/64 bit?

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