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There will be one final update to see out XP, when I cannot say for sure but there will definatly be another update.

I have recently upgraded to W7 and found it to be full of silly yet seriously restrictive usability regressions. I will most definitely miss XP, microsoft seem to have forgoten it's the little things that make all the difference.

#1 28-07-13 13:48


Update pack creation questions


I'm opening this thread again because I have simillar problem.

I have XP SP3 32b, all updates and hotfixes for OS downloaded (I already have fully updated IE8 & WMP11 add-ons created.) and I want to make all of them into one add-on with the most actual files to integrate in RVM Integrator or nLite. Language is CSY.
I want to know how to made such my custom updatepack?

Is this question specific enough? Or should I add something?
Thanks for answer.


28-07-13 13:48


Re: Update pack creation questions

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